Кто ты? / Who Are You (Корея, 2013 год) - Фансаб-группа Альянс представляет... русские субтитры к dorama и live-action
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Старый 17.06.2013, 11:27   #1
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Южная Корея Кто ты? / Who Are You (Корея, 2013 год)

Альтернативное название: 후아유
Производство: Южная Корея
Дата выхода: июль 2013 год
Продолжительность: 16 cерий
Жанр: мистика
Режиссер: Jo Hyeon-tak (조현탁)
Сценарий: Moon Ji-yeong (문지영)

В ролях:

Со И Хён - детектив Yang Shi-On
Тэк Ён (2PM) - детектив Cha Gun-Woo
Ким Чжэ Ук - Lee Hyung-Joon
Ким Чан Ван


Они напарники.
После шестилетней комы она на видит то, что обычным людям увидеть не под силу.
И ее доброе сердце не может не откликнуться за просьбы призраков о помощи.
Он верит только в то, что может увидеть своими глазами и к чему может прикоснуться.


кинотеатр и трекер:


Yang Shi-on (30) (played by So Ihyun)

Team Leader at the National Police Agency Lost Property Centre

6 years in coma

After I wake up miraculously, my memory is gone.

And after I have lost 6 years, I begin seeing spirits.

Graduated Police Academy at the top of her class, the youngest team leader at the special criminal investigation section in the National Police Agency. The best female officer in the National Police Agency who has settled dozens of unsolved homicide cases using the formula “possibility + statistics = accurate prediction”. Shi-on’s the best weapon and skill is her unprecedented memory that works like the best data base – if the information of the case enters her head once, she never forgets it!

Ordinary student Si-on became a police officer because of that day. On her middle school graduation trip, their family car collided with a truck, and her parents were killed on the spot. Due to the sudden accident, the traffic was paralyzed and as she watched her parents lose their consciousness in daze, the first person to take Shi-on’s hand was… a police officer.

Shi-on was very busy running to and fro when she became a police officer. Especially if it were a case when she could help someone weak or wronged, she dashed straight away, going through fire and water. To Shi-on it was a sense of duty, the reason she stayed alive. However, one day she was discovered unconscious. Without even revealing the person responsible for the accident, she submerged into a vegetable state, and after 6 years of lying down like a living dead, she wakes up from the brink of death!

But… she lost her memory.

Why she got into the accident, who she was with during the accident, her amazing record at the National Police Agency – Shi-on lost it all.

But she started seeing things that are not supposed to be seen. That is – the spirits of the dead people!

With no memory and with the eyes that see spirits, she noticed the Lost Property Centre at the National Police Agency.

She volunteers to work at the Lost Property Center that no one is interested in, and she starts seeing the stories of the spirits in the items that are lost. And she also meets a hot-tempered and stubborn subordinate who does not offer her a kind glance.

Cha Gunwoo (27) (played by Taecyeon)

Sergeant at the National Police Agency Lost Property Centre

80% of violent crimes are caused by the people who are close to the victim.

That’s why the best way to prevent it is to stop believing people.

I don’t even believe in people, and a woman who sees spirits suddenly appears in front of me.

Born to do it detective

The embodiment of “intuitive investigation” as his body reacts faster than his mind.

Absolute genius, but due to his character that gets satisfied only when he runs on his own and sees everything with his own eyes, he’s degraded to the “walking disaster” of the serious crime squad.

When he wounds his senior with a gun during an arrest of a criminal, he gets demoted to the Lost Property Centre.


Lost Property Centre, the God’s forgotten place that no one visits, no matter how much you cry.

If arranging old things that lost its owners weren’t boring enough, this extremely young woman was appointed… my superior!

What’s worse, this woman says she can see spirits!!

I didn’t believe her at first.

I just thought she was a crazy wench who lost her memory.

But… Pulling out the tangled cases related to these lost things, and seeing Shi-on solving out cases one by one… an odd trust is born. Also, while communicating calmly with the ghosts that appear from time to time Shi-on tenaciously recovers bits and pieces of her own memory, and a strange sense of responsibility arises.

Lee Hyungjoon (34) (Played by Kim Jaewook)

Former detective at the section in charge of violent crime/ Shi-on’s dead boyfriend

I will never leave you on your own.

Because I promised so.

I will protect you no matter what. Whether I am dead or alive…

Among the elite of the Police Academy graduates, he had an affair with Shi-on when she worked with him at the National Police Agency as his junior. He could understand the wounds of Shi-on, who grew up on her own, better than anyone else. A soul mate who held her up.

Upright and noble man who was recognized and trusted by all of his co-workers the most when he worked at the violent crime department. However, he died suddenly on duty while chasing after a serial murder suspect.

However, even though he perished, Hyungjoon didn’t die.

He couldn’t walk out of this world leaving Shi-on alone.

Because he promised to look over her forever, and never leave her..!!

Although no one can see your love, although no one can feel your tender heart, even if you say it is invisible, it does not mean it is not love.

That’s how Hyungjoon began lingering at Shi-on’s side.

In a form that is not supposed to remain in this world…

Дорама выйдет следом за Агентством Сирано.

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Только сегодня прочитала новости про эту дораму. Мистика, мистика. Обожаю ее. А тут еще одна из любимых актрис. И очень приятное дополнение в виде Тэк Ёна.

Очень надеюсь, что найдется команда
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К касту присоединился Kim Jae Wook.
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Старый 17.06.2013, 17:52   #4
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Это у него первая дорама после возвращения из армии?
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Обожаю такие сюжеты. Наконец-то корейцы стали снимать не только комедии и мелодраммы. Ура! Буду смотреть с большим удовольствием.

Последний раз редактировалось Бонист; 17.06.2013 в 21:05
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Ура-ура. Дорамы с такими мужчинами пропускать нельзя :)
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Старый 17.06.2013, 22:10   #7
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Ух ты одна из моих любимых актрис будет сниматься да и партнеры ей под стать Да и сюжет не обычный, буду ждать с нетерпением)))
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Старый 18.06.2013, 12:24   #8
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Какие новости
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Старый 19.06.2013, 10:29   #9
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На чтении сценария - представление актеров.



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Старый 20.06.2013, 00:26   #10
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Сообщение от Plappi Посмотреть сообщение
К касту присоединился Kim Jae Wook.
Отличная новость!
Выбор остальных актеров тоже пока только радует. Так что буду ждать с нетерпением!
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