Верная жена / Padivarada (Таиланд, 2016 год) - Фансаб-группа Альянс представляет... русские субтитры к dorama и live-action
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Таиланд Верная жена / Padivarada (Таиланд, 2016 год)

Название: Pradew Radah / ปดิวรัดา
Производство: Таиланд
Начало показа: 13 января (среда-четверг)
Год: 2016
Продолжительность: 14 серий
Жанр: романтика, исторический
Канал: CH3
Компания: Good Feeling
Тизер: http://vk.com/videos-17901093?sectio...2Fpl_-17901093
ОСТы: http://vk.com/audios-17901093?album_id=69353463

В ролях:
Белла (Рани Кампен) / Bella (Ranee Kampen) - Рин
Джейм / Jame Jirayu Tangsrisuk - Саран
Минт / Mint Natwara - Duangsawat / Duang
А Пасин / A Passin Reungwoot - Phannit
Тон / Tong Sawitree Samipak - Khun Ying Pankae
Мам / Mam Jintara Sukapat - Khun Ying Kaew Sivavet
Бон / Ball Asanai Tientong as Arrunlerk
Pimthong Washirakom as Braralee
Arada Arayawut as Bodranee
Krit Amornchailerk as Chalat
В остальных ролях:
Топ / Top Daraneenuch Pohpiti - Mae Sai
Ball Vittavat Singlumpong as Narlit
Vichayut Limratanamongkol as Sherm
Kob Songsit Rungnopakunsi as Tan Jao Khun Bumruongprachakit
Supakorn Kitsuwon as White Tiger
Рон / Ron Banjongsangas Por Sanuer
Mai Natha Lloyd as Character Name
Sompob Benjathikul as Character Name
Thanayong Wongtrakul as Character Name
X Piya Vimuktayon as Character Name
Joy Chuanchyn as Character Name
Ruengrit Wisamol as Character Name
Chayapol Indrawong as Character Name
Zome Ichyapa Metichaivarapak as Character Name
Chaiwat Thongsaeng as Character Name

Две семьи договорились поженить своих детей, когда они станут взрослыми. Главная героиня приёмная дочь в семье. Её заставляют выйти замуж за главного героя, чтобы их настоящая дочь не страдала.

Подробное описание на английском:
Rin Rapee is orphan girl whose mother left her in the care of Mrs. Penkae and Chao Khun Bumrungprachakij. Even Mrs. Penkae is loving in her humble, but she have two daughters who is the apple in eyes of Mrs.Penkae.

That is Baralee and Buranee Bumrungprachakij. Baralee is older sister. She is conceited, and self-center. Meanwhile, Buranee is different to her sister. She feel sorry for Rin, and always support Rin.
Baralee have a chance to go to Pee Nang,and she meet Panich Chawala a south businessman who court her. She decide to dating with him, because his wealthy, but he don't care about other detail.
Mrs. Penkae agree with her either.

One day, It has a letter from Mrs. Kaew who is wife of Chao Khun Nitisart to Chao Khun Bumrungprachakij. She need to ask for Chao Khun Bumrungprachakij's promise with her husband
that is engaging of her son and first daughter of Chao Khun Bumrungkij

Mrs. Penkae mind with this, because she know that when Chao Khun NItisart die. Mrs. Kaew become underdog, and have to move to Songkla for working. She think that Kaew's son may be poor either.
They don't like Panich Chawala a millionaire.

Mrs. Penkae make Rin to pretend as Baralee Bumrungprachakil by asking for debt of gratitude, and marriage with Saran Siwawet who is the one son of Mrs. Kaew in place of Balalee.
Rin have to do, and Baralee change her name to Baranee. She change her name, because no one doubt with this.

Baralee or Rin go to Songkla, and marriage with Saran. She unexpected that he will handsome more than she think. It's so weird that he accept the blind marriage, and don't say anything. When they live together.
He seem like to see through Rin and Mrs Penkae trick.

Rin uneasy to keep this secret, but she need to repay her supporter kindness. Rin have to referred to be Baralee, and Mrs. Kaew's daughter in law. She always do household for helping Mrs. Kaew.
It make Mrs. Kaew love this daughter in law.

Duangsawart who is ex-lover of Saran come back to Saran. She don't care about Rin Rapee who is legal wife. She calm that she and Saran are love each other before Rin coming, and don't care for legal wife like Rin

And seem like Saran about her hurt a little bit. He try to take care for Duangsawart in front of her. It's like him jeer at her that she lie either.

Family of Baranee and Buranee have one relative that is Arunrerk. He have many friends including Charat and Rapipat who is north rich man. He just go to capital. Charat is son of Khun Pra Pijarn.
In the past, Khum Pra Pijarn had a mistress, misunderstood each other. She decided to leave with her baby. They had never made up. 20 years later,
Khun Pra get a letter from his ex-wife. It tell that baby girl whose she took with. She give her to the one supporter, and tell that baby girl name Rin Rapee.

Charat try to find Rin, but he can't meet her for once. He know Buranee, and they love each other. When Charat ask her about this, so Buranee tell her mother about this,
because she is so glad that Rin will meet her real father.But Mrs. Penkae is greedy. She afraid that Rin will steal property of Charat who is first son of Khun Pra Pijarn.
Mrs. Penkae see that Charat and Buranee are dating, then Buranee may be Charat's wife, so she don't tell Charat about the truth.

Finally, Baranee marriage with Panich Chawala as Mrs Penkae wish, and move to south. In that place, she know that Panich is wealthy, because sell contraband goods which is illegal. He was chased by Saran and police.
Her life don't be beautiful as she hope. Baranee disappointment in that, and back to Bangkok again. About Panich Chawala have to hide in other place. When the truth come out.

Duangsawart tray to steal Saran from Rin. She find out the truth while Saran going to Bangkok that Rin is not Baralee. Rin just be maid, and disguise as Baralee. Duangsawart thread Rin about this, and include that
she and Saran love each other so much, but he can't against his mother's order. So he have to marriage with her, and beg Rin to back off. So she can marriage with Saran.

Rin is so sad, and she just know herself that she love Saran. Rin don't need to make Saran disappointment with her, so she come back to capital.

A train from Songkla to Bangkok is moving. Rin sit at chair, and lean against back of chair. Now, she close her eye for restraining her tear. Goodbye Songkla, Goodbye life in past. Her deceiving is over.
From now, she have to wake up to reality. Reality in her life that have nothing. She live alone that don't have relative and house. She have to be wanderer.

Meanwhile, Sran will come back to Songkla. He has already answer in his heart.

In a train, Saran open a newspaper, but he don't read it because his thinking floating. Then he is conscious of his thinking. 2 -3 minutes later, he arrive to his house. The place where have only happiness and love.
In first time, he fool himself that he missing house, because he miss his mother. But for long time, he can't fool himself anymore. He miss a girl who have delicate shape, gentle moving, her sweet face.
He miss her action by unconscious. When he think of her, will clearly see her like she standing in front of him.

When Saran is far away from Rin for long time, so he know his feeling for her. Saran need her so much, and when he is far away from her in one week. It make him anxious to her,
but if he know that he accidentally have to lose her. How is he happy anymore.

Buranee is honest person. She can't stand that Rin to be exploited. Buranee decide to tell Charat about the truth. Meanwhile, she get letter from Rin that she will come back to Bangkok.
Charat and Buranee wait for Rin at train station. Then The truth is out. Rin isn't orphan girl anymore, but she is daughter of Khun Pra Pijarn who is rich man in the north.

When Saran arrive at his house. He know that Rin is gone. Then, Duangsawart come to meet Saran for reconciling with him, but he don't care about that. Saran tell Duangsawart that he never love her,
but just be infatuated. The one girl he love is Rin, and he has already known the truth. When Buranee and Baralee go to Peenang. In that place, San know that how Baralee really is.
When Rin disguise as his wife. He test Rin's behaviors. He impress in herself, and finally, he fall in love with her.
At now, woman in his heart who is Padiwarada (Bodee means husband and Worada means beloved woman) or beloved wife of husband like him. That is Rin Rapee the one and only.
Saran come back to Bangkok again. In this time, he come for finding Rin back, and both of them will live together forever.
Cr. Sarm Poy Luang @Bloggang


Канал на ВИКИ - http://www.viki.com/videos/1092886v-...wife-episode-1
Ансаб: http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/...#video=x3w9cvw

Смотреть без ансаба - http://vk.com/videos-63875716?section=album_56022886

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эти усики - задача состарить Джейма на 10 лет (как должно быть по сюжету), но прикол в том, что даже они не прибавляют ему возраста. Просто рядом с Беллой он смотрится ребенком. Не понимаю, что постановщики "братьев" и этого лака в этой паре углядели?
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Старый 19.02.2015, 08:54   #3
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А на мой взгляд при съемках братьев гримеры хорошо постарались)) и разницы особой не чувствовалось.
А возраст внешний настолько обманчивый фактор, что я на него внимания уже не обращаю.
Всю жизнь думала, что мой сосед старше меня лет на 20, а он на целый год моложе.....
Может у нее трудная жизнь была и поэтому выглядит старше... может так задумано лакорном...
А сама пара искорки пускать умеет. Надеюсь на них посмотреть и в этом лакорне!
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Лакорн времени Ваниды и Братьев Тжутатеп. По сюжету напоминает Бога смерти, но здесь главный герой джентльмен и не будет мучить главную героиню.))
Усики Джейма совсем не красят. Какой-то он странный с усами.


1 день съёмок:

с. spicyforum
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Значение слова ปดิวรัดา - жена, верная и преданная своему мужу.
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С усиками он почему-то на индуса стал похож.

Забавно я раньше думала, что в Тайланде из актеров только Марио Моурер красивый. Оказалось я очень ошибалась. Кун чай Путипат мой первый лакорн и сразу такой красавец. Чтоб еще глянуть? Чтоб и ГГ красивым был и сюжет не слишком слезливый и жестокий. А то начиталась сюжетов лакорнов и страшно что - то выбрать.
Извените, что не по теме.
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Сообщение от Frensis Посмотреть сообщение
Кун чай Путипат мой первый лакорн и сразу такой красавец. Чтоб еще глянуть? Чтоб и ГГ красивым был и сюжет не слишком слезливый и жестокий. А то начиталась сюжетов лакорнов и страшно что - то выбрать.
Извените, что не по теме.
Посмотрите истории 4 и 5 брата: Кун Чай Ратчанон и Кун Чай Ронапи, тоже очень милые романтичные истории. А также лёгкие лакорны: Неугомонная девчонка, Таддао Буссая, 4 истории любви, Ванида и много ещё таких)
Тизер рус. саб.

Опять же куча новых фоток со съёмок.):

с. spicyforum
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Старый 01.05.2015, 17:29   #8
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Класс! Будем смотреть это садо-мазо. Это пока тренируются постелили миленькое полотенце, но героиню спиной на горячий капот...герой просто зверь!

Очень понравились мамки...но вот пара...ну, не воспринимаю я их как пару и всё!!!
Если бы кто-то другой был при таком сюжете, так первая бы в очереди была на просмотр, а тут даже и не знаю...

Джейм на костылях перекочевал из Ты в моём сердце...тут-то чо с ним стряслось?
Это как Андрюша с Пу играют в двух лаках, в двух лаках папа и сын, и папа в инвалидной коляске.
mai вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 14.07.2015, 12:39   #9
Юлия Игоревна
Сообщений: n/a
По умолчанию

кто-нибудь знает, когда лакорн выйдет на экраны нашего любимого Тайланда?
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Старый 17.11.2015, 21:10   #10
Servina Yan
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У меня поехала крыша. Я вспомнила про этот проект и полчаса искала на него ансаб.
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история, лакорн 2016, романтика

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