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Южная Корея Убей и исцели / Kill Me, Heal Me (Корея, 2015 г.)

Альтернативное название: 킬미, 힐미
Производство: Южная Корея
Дата выхода: январь 2015 год
Продолжительность: 20 серий
Жанр: драма
Режиссер: Kim Jin-Man
Сценарий: Jin Soo Wan (진수완)
Канал: MBS
Выпуск: среда-четверг, 21:55


В ролях:
Чжи Сон - Чха До Хён
он же - Син Сэ Ги, Перри Пак, Ан Ё Соп и Ан Ё На, Нана, Мистер Икс.
Хван Чжон Ым - О Ри Чжин
Пак Со Чжун - О Ри Он
Ким Ю Ри - Хан, Чхэ Ён, первая любовь До Хёна
О Ми Сок - Чха Ки Чжун

В остальных ролях:

Семья До Хёна
Kim Young Ae as Seo Tae Im
Shim Hye Jin as Shin Hwa Ran
Kim Yong Gun as Cha Gun Ho
Myung Se Bin as Min Seo Yun

Помощники До Хёна
Go Chang Suk as Suk Ho Pil
Choi Won Young as Ahn Gook

Семья Ри Чжин
Kim Hee Jung as Ji Soon Young
Park Joon Gyu as Oh Dae Oh

Коллеги Ри Чжин
Lee Shi Un as dr. Park

Семья Ги Чжуна
Kim Na Woon as Yoon Ja Kyung
Kim Il Woo as Cha Young Pyo
Kim Hyun Joo as Baek Jin Sook

Специальный гость
Kim Seul Gi as Heo Sook Hee

Пережитый в детстве шок сказался не только на памяти До Хёна, но и на психике.
Не справившись с эмоциональной нагрузкой, психика дала сбой и произошло расщеплении личности. Теперь в теле До Хёна помимо него существуют еще шесть личностей: главный среди них - Син Сэ Ги, заядлый рыбак Ферри Пак, двойняшки Ан Ё Соп и Ан Ё На, крошка Нана, и загадочный Мистер Икс.
Помочь ему берется Ри Чжин. Она лишь первый год имеет статус доктора и неофициально принимается лечить До Хёна.
Девушка мила собой и мужчины не прочь с ней встречаться, только она еще ни одному не ответила согласием. И с своим братом-двойняшкой Ри Оном ее связывают очень загадочные отношения.

Личности До Хёна:

О Ри Чжин:

Oh Ri Jin
[Department of Mental Health, 1st Year Resident]

Ri Jin, it means 'Clever Baby', and just like her name, she's gifted and accomplished full marks for her SAT.
She probably helped Do Hyun saved the nation in his past life, because she's pretty too.
{ ^ LOL MBC pls don't try to be lame }
She has a youthful look that made her look as though she ran out of a pure comic book.
She's an active resident at the department of mental health, a place where women often find it tough and difficult to hang on.
Till now, she's still enduring well energetically.
With all these, she perfectly suited to be the heroine of a mini-series drama.

It's a pity.
This woman, her personality is a reversal, betrayal, and impactful.
Firstly, she's easygoing.
Apart from easygoing, she's filthy/messy.
As a doctor, she has no sense of hygiene.
Like Cosmos, she looked innocent and lovely, but surprisingly,
her strength is so strong that it can be compared to the standards of people who chop firewood.
In short, she's a human being who would play the hardware & software seperately.
Her visual is a pure comic-like, but the contents are almost like a martial arts comic.
{ ^ HAHAHHA sorry I laughed while I typed this sentence out }
Although some parts of her are somewhat like self-destruction.....
But she's indeed a bright, honest and positive person, that's why she's beautiful.

Her pure-comic-like-visual but martial-arts-content image,
is probably due to her unusual family background.
Her love for the family is extraordinary.
She gets along with her Mum & Dad like friends, and gets along with her twin brother Ri On like brothers.
Although Mum had said that Ri On is 3 minutes older than Ri Jin that's why he's the Oppa...
But she had already known since a long time ago,
that the two of them are not blood-related siblings,
and that one of them was adopted.
She also knows who was the one between them that was adopted.

О Ри Он:

Oh Ri On
[Genius mystery novelist. Ri Jin's 4D twin oppa.]

Ri On, his name means to be a smart and warm person.
If we say Ri Jin was born to study, then Ri On was born with a creator, entertainer kind of temperament.
Firstly, he's a writer.
His mystery fiction genre books even got into best seller, he's a writer that's like a ghost,
some of it are even made into films when he sold the rights of it,
that's why we say he's born to be a creator.
But he's a ghost writer.
Outside, no one knows his looks, gender, age, and real name at all.
He sends his manuscript through emails, and problems regarding contract or legally are dealt by a representative.
The so-called representative, is his family.
He's overly self-conscious.
And he loves mysticism.
Ah, and, his pen-name is Omega.

He, from a long time ago... secretly... has placed someone in his heart.
Ri On and Ri Jin are not blood-related siblings.
One out of the two of them was adopted.
His parents wanted to bring this secret to their grave,
however, although Ri On has been living his life pretending that he doesn't know, doesn't remember, and not saying anything,
but he does know who is the adopted one out of two of them.
He also knows the reason behind the adoption.
Of course, it wasn't because of knowing this truth that made him look at Ri Jin as a woman.
Actually he's very confused now.
What exactly is his feelings....
Although he shows that he's very detailed and sensitive than anyone else when it comes to creation,
but his daily emotions are dull,
perhaps it's better to say that he doesn't even know his own feelings and emotions.

However... at one point, his gaze has started to falter.
From... when Ri Jin started to focus on one man.

До Хён:

Cha Do Hyun
[3rd Generation chaebol with 7 personalities. ID Entertainment's Vice President.]


Born with the physical condition in addition with regular exercise and diet,
he has the visual that even a top-graded model would envy of.
Most of the people with this kind of visual have the 'ChaDoNam' (cold-city-guy) concept but in contrast,
this man surprised everyone with his gentle-manliness.
In addition to a good smile, no matter when, where, or to whom,
he would use words like "Are you okay?" "I'm fine." "Excuse me." "Thank you."
It looked like the sentences that can be seen from "Basic conversing lines for (people) traveling overseas."
Furthermore, he must have saved a nation in his previous life, so even his brain is good.
Because he studied abroad at a young age, so of course his English is good,
Japanese, Chinese, and even French, he can speak a total of 5 languages.
And this is not the end.
There's still a bit to finish off.
He's the big Seung Jin Group's only child!

It's a pity.
This man, he doesn't know how much he's worth of.
He's always underestimating himself all the time.
He's the hardworking type who would use 100% of his effort to complete things that is even okay to not do it.
This man also... has mysophobia and OCD.
He's scared of animals.
He's also scared of darkness.
And he's quite timid.
He thinks too much about other person's gazes.
Because of that, he made it into a more burdensome situation for himself.

Him who has such a character....
Is most probably because his upbringing by his father and grandmother since young to be an elite was extremely stringent.

Син Сэ Ги:

Shin Se Gi

[Leader of the personalities]

Full name is Shin Se Gi. Same age as Do Hyun.
The personality that appears the most, and is the first personality to appear out of the six.


Sexy. Wild. Combining it, he has the 'homme fatale' feeling.
Different from Do Hyun who always looked refined, he would put on clothes that gives a wild and chic feel.
He used Do Hyun's credit card and bought himself a Harley-Davidson bike.
When transformed into Se Gi, his features are his sexy deep eye-line and smokey make-up.

Knows all of the other personalities, and dominates them.
He decides on which personality to take on Do Hyun's conscious,
If the personality that comes out did inappropriate actions, or leaked out clues about the secrets of the past,
or made Do Hyun into a state of confusion, that personality would be strictly condemned,
and he would order and forcibly not let that personality appear again.
These are strict rules for the personalities, rules for them to survive.
One of the reasons why, is because, when memories from the past fades into Do Hyun,
he might not withstand the pain and may commit suicide,
then Se Gi, and the rest of the personalities, will disappear along with Do Hyun.


Appears when Do Hyun subconsciously gets angry, violent and brutal.
Therefore, he's extremely aggressive, antisocial, and his desire for destruction is strong.
Although he always uses violence as the solution, but he would always use his brain to analyze emergency situations before putting in action.
However, depending on the situation, the time for analyzing may be delayed,
especially when it's someone who made him angry, he would punish always that person somehow.
He doesn't feel a sense of guilt to others, and would never let others off.
But he protects young children.
If he sees violence being used on children, or irresponsible people, his anger gauge will rise relentlessly.
This man is dangerous. But...
Ironically, sometimes when he explodes in anger, it embraces the catharsis in us.
For the sake of a peaceful life, we often keep it in ourselves, but he helped us punish the bad...
And getting attracted towards this badboy, the strange psychological feeling......
But most of the time when Se Gi appears, it's when Do Hyun is facing danger.
Firstly, different from Do Hyun who's vegetarian, do exercise regularly and maintains his body,
Se Gi drinks, smokes and of course eats instant food, and destroys the body and health that Do Hyun put so much efforts in.
And he even recklessly made the tattoos on Do Hyun's body.

Ан Ё На:

Yo Na's character description!

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

An age that is as radiant as cherry blossoms and fresh peaches... but,
Unable to express that beauty properly even for once, she's a bad girl who is unhappy that she has to live in a man's body (Do Hyun) all her life.
She loves sparkling tiaras, cat's ear shaped hairbands and cute mini-skirts, but gives them up for the sake of Do Hyun.
Instead, following along the dance and songs of the idols she liked, she became a loyal devoted stalker fan of them to appease the emotions of a teenage girl.
Because of some of Yo Na's cute actions, sometimes it made Do Hyun looked like a vice-president who is crazily passionate about working to the company's employees.
Yo Na's features are eating on bubble gums, and pushing her hair to the back of the ears.


- Manages pain.
- Doesn't make big situations, quietly leaves instances that causes pain.
- Instead of the other personalities, Yo Na absorbs all the pain for them.
- Because of the extremely dangerous Se Gi who uses violence as punishment and Yo Seob who attempts suicide, she undertakes the role of a simple girl.
- Of course, Se Gi's still the decider, and Yo Seob is still opposing it.
- When Yo Na is withstanding the pain, she'll keep her ears closed and hums music, struggling to prevent Se Gi and Yo Seob from coming out.


- A high schooler who hates studying and loves playing.
- Addiction to flowerboys, idols and selfies.

- Her other obsession is to do the impossible by allowing the extension of a top star's contract and fulfilling her achievement. (Cha Do Hyun's lucky thanks to me!)

- In short, Yo Na is a troublemaker.

Ан Ё Соп:

A teenager with a cold and cynical feel.
Wears his uniform most of the time, but when he's not wearing uniform, he'll wear something that is stylish and casual.
Left-handed and wears glasses. Always have a book in one of his hands.

He spends most of his time reading a book or drawing.
When the original character Do-hyun receives severe stress or feels depressed, he will hurt himself or attempts suicide.
To avoid the pain, and to get the key to his memories, it's sort of a way of defense.
Leading Do-hyun to death..... a very dangerous way of defense.

- A genius with an IQ of 180. His gifted talent is drawing.
- Cynical and pessimistic, he despises everything and feels that the world is not beautiful.
- Mainly emphasize on the emotional side of the personality.
- Despises his twin sister Yo-na who's ignorant.
- For the same reason, he doesn't tolerate anyone who is illogical, unreasonable or nonsense.
- He's very rational and logical, and is the only personality that is able to resist Se-gi.
- He's the next most dangerous personality (after Se-gi) to Do Hyun.
- Ironically, his outstanding brain sometimes helped Do Hyun.
- Yo-seob is actually expressed as a personality that was asleep inside Do-hyun when Do-hyun was a teenager.
- Yo-seob's frequent attempts at suicide and hurting himself triggers Ri-jin's trauma of losing a patient due to a mistake made.
- Eventually, Ri-jin overcomes her trauma through meeting Yoseob.
- Shows the 6 personalities inside Do-hyun through his drawings.

Син Сэ Ги, цвет глаз голубой.
У него крутой нрав, он плейбой и "плохой мальчик".
Самая сильная личность на фоне остальной шестерки и чаще всех появляется.

Таинственный Мистер Икс, возраст неизвестен, цвет глаз красный/фиолетовый/зеленый.
Он полный псих, вероятно, у него обсессивно-компульсивное расстройство, либо вообще нечеловеческий образ мышления.

Малышка Нана, 7 лет, цвет глаз белый/оранжевый/розовый/красный.
Милая и игривая.

Ферри Пак, 40 лет, цвет глаз желтый.
Родом с Йосу, любитель порыбачить и находиться на воздухе.
Несмотря на английское имя английский он не понимает.

Ан Ё Соп, 17 лет, цвет глаз зеленый/красный/фиолетовый.
Склонен к самоубийству, интроверт, зашуганный "ботан".

Ан Ю На, 17 лет, цвет глаз розовый/фиолетовый/красный.
Полная противоположность брату, общительная, влюбчивая и развязная.

Официальные постеры:

Постеры для кинотеатра и трекера, кнопочки:

Схема отношений:


Jang Jae In feat. NaShow (나쑈) - Auditory Hallucination OST1

Luna of f(x) (에프엑스) and Cho Yi (초이) of LU:KUS (루커스) - Healing Love OST2

Moon Myung Jin - Unspeakable Secret OST3

Lee Yoo Rim - This Feeling OST4

Park Seo Joon - Low OST5

Тема перевода

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По умолчанию

Хён Бин подтвердил свое участие в съемках дорамы "Kill Me, Heal Me".
Везде всё-таки встречается именно это название, думаю, и у нас стоит изменить.

Сейчас уже пишут, что агентство наоборот отрицает эту новость.
Кто хорошо понимает корейский, помогите разобраться)


Последний раз редактировалось Jenetschka; 14.02.2015 в 19:28
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Зашла в тему, и не успев обрадоваться новости, тут же огорчилась. И пошла правду искать.
Если правильно поняла, то в последних вышедших статьях (тут или тут), поясняя позицию канала (или создателей дорамы), пишут, что возраст ГГероя по сценарию из поколения двадцатилетних (именно 20? или от 20 до 30?). И потому кастинг идет среди актеров этого возраста, и, следовательно, Хён Бин не проходит по возрасту. И вообще, и речи даже не было о его съемках в этой дораме.
О как! А мне как-то казалось, что сей персонаж должен быть постарше... ну как бы 30 или чуть больше... или, вернее, актер, его играющий... Ошибалась...
"И вообще, январь - время каникул, месяц молодых, и потому герои должны быть их ровесниками." Не совсем цитата, но близко.)) Типа в это время больше денюжек в копилку от молодежи... и потому все для них и про них. А проект, кажется, совместно корейско-китайский.
Откуда ноги растут у новости, что Хён Бин дал согласие сниматься в этой дораме так и не поняла. А кастинг вроде бы находится на завершающей стадии, и как только будут новости, нас ими обрадуют.))
но, может, я все и неправильно поняла))))

И да, во всех статьях название дорамы '킬미힐미' ("Kill Me, Heal Me")
tavita вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 28.09.2014, 01:41   #4
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По умолчанию

tavita, спасибо за разъяснения)
Тоже нашла уже новости на английском, где отрицают его участие.
А на http://koalasplayground.com/ опять перебирают всех ныне здравствующих актеров (от 25 и до...)))

Агентство Keyeast Entertainment сообщает, что актера Пак Со Чжуна пригласили сниматься в дораме "Kill Me, Heal Me".

Последний раз редактировалось Jenetschka; 14.02.2015 в 19:28
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Старый 28.11.2014, 09:41   #5
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По умолчанию

Ли Сын Ги подтвердил свое участие в дораме.
А на женскую роль утвердили действительно "малознакомую" актрису Lim Ji Yeon.
Мне известна только по фильму "Одержимость"(Obsessed).

Актриса Kim Yoo Ri также снимется в дораме "Kill Me, Heal Me".
Кстати, дорама будет выходить по средам-четвергам с 7 января 2015 г.

Последний раз редактировалось Jenetschka; 14.02.2015 в 19:29
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Старый 02.12.2014, 14:39   #6
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По умолчанию

Несмотря на то, что представители канала MBC сообщали, что Ли Сын Ги принял их предложение,
сегодня он официально отказался от съемок, сославшись на плотный график.

А также появились слухи, что и актриса Им Чжи Ён отказывается участвовать в съемках.
Что с этой дорамой не так?
Jenetschka на форуме   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 03.12.2014, 22:20   #7

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По умолчанию

Ji Sung - новый кандидат на главную роль.
Seo Ye Ji на главную женскую. Ей 24.
Source: Naver

ей 24 и она уже может быть ЛЕЧАЩИМ врачом-психиатром мужчины под 40. э?
с семью личностями?

Последний раз редактировалось Jenetschka; 04.12.2014 в 00:32
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Старый 03.12.2014, 23:41   #8

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По умолчанию

На dramabeans вышла статья, там пишут, что Seo Ye Ji никогда не рассматривали на главную, это всё слухи.

Обе дорамы ромкомы. Ну как это принято у корейцев. С примесью серьёзности и соплей, и их концентрация к концу возрастает))

Последний раз редактировалось Jenetschka; 05.12.2014 в 08:16
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Старый 05.12.2014, 06:12   #9

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По умолчанию

Hwang Jung Eum согласилась на главную роль в сериале, как и Ji Sung.


Неплохой ход, все фанаты Секрета как минимум посмотрят первые серии, а если сценарий не подкачает, то неплохие рейтинги обеспечены.

Мне не очень оба актера, чисто внешне, но может посмотрю, если отзывы будут хорошими, или точнее превосходными. Но скорее всего пропущу.

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Наконец-то основной каст сформирован...

К актерскому составу дорамы также присоединится О Мин Сок (Oh Min Suk).:

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ji sung, чжи сон

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